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Key Stage 4


In Years 10 and 11 we follow the AQA course in GCSE Drama. Assessment is a combination of Teacher assessed work (60%) and a final written exam (40%).

Students take part in practical performances which contribute to their final marks. Supporting written portfolios are completed and assessed by the teacher.
Students also attend theatre trips and review the shows seen as part of their exam.

In Year 11 students prepare for a practical performance to a visiting examiner, as well as developing their written skills in preparation for their final exam.

Key Stage 4 Key Words:

Explorative Strategies

  • Still image
  • Thought tracking
  • Narrating
  • Hot-seating
  • Role-play
  • Cross-cutting
  • Forum theatre
  • Marking the moment

The Drama Medium

  • The use of costume, masks and/or makeup
  • The use of sound and/or music
  • The use of lighting
  • The use of space and/or levels
  • The use of set and/or props
  • The use of movement, mime and/or gesture
  • The use of voice
  • The use of spoken language

The Elements of Drama

  • Action/plot/content
  • Forms
  • Climax/anti-climax
  • Rhythm/pace/tempo
  • Contrasts
  • Characterisation
  • Conventions
  • Symbols

Drama Texts

  • Poetry
  • Artifacts
  • Music
  • Play scripts
  • Live theatre productions
  • Television, films and/or video
  • Newspaper and/ or magazine articles
  • Extracts from literary fiction and/or non-fiction


GCSE Bitesize revision resources



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